About Us - Who We Are:

At QSakan, we're more than just a real estate listing website – we're your dedicated partners in finding the perfect property. Our mission is to simplify the process of buying, selling, or renting properties by providing a user-friendly platform that connects buyers, sellers, and renters in a seamless way.

With a team of experienced real estate professionals, QSakan is committed to delivering the highest level of service and transparency. Our passion for real estate and our deep understanding of the market empower us to guide you through every step of your real estate journey.

Whether you're a first-time buyer searching for your dream home, an investor looking for the perfect opportunity, or a seller wanting to showcase your property to a wider audience, QSakan is here to make your experience smooth, efficient, and successful.

Welcome to QSakan – where your real estate aspirations become reality.

1. Eligibility:

By registering as an agency on QSakan, you confirm that you have the authority to represent the properties you list and that you agree to comply with our terms and conditions.

2. Property Listings:

2.1 You are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information about the properties you list on QSakan, including but not limited to property details, pricing, and availability.

2.2 You agree not to list properties that are inaccurate, misleading, or violate any laws or regulations.

3. Intellectual Property:

You retain ownership of the intellectual property rights to the content you provide for property listings. By submitting content, you grant QSakan a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, display, and distribute the content for the purpose of promoting your listings on our platform.

4. User Interaction:

4.1 You agree to communicate respectfully and professionally with users interested in your listings through QSakan's messaging system.

4.2 Any communication or transaction initiated through QSakan should be completed on the platform, and you should not attempt to redirect users to external websites or services.

5. Fees and Payments:

5.1 QSakan may charge fees for certain services, such as premium listings or featured placements. These fees will be clearly communicated to you before you choose to use such services.

5.2 Payment processing may be handled by third-party providers. QSakan is not responsible for any issues arising from payment processing.

6. Privacy and Data:

6.1 You agree to handle user data in accordance with applicable privacy laws and our Privacy Policy.

6.2 QSakan may collect and use aggregate data from property listings for analytical and promotional purposes.

7. Termination:

QSakan reserves the right to suspend or terminate your agency account if you violate these terms and conditions, engage in fraudulent activities, or harm the user experience on our platform.

8. Liability and Disputes:

8.1 QSakan is not liable for any damages, losses, or disputes arising from interactions between agencies and users.

8.2 You agree to indemnify and hold QSakan harmless from any claims, damages, or expenses resulting from your use of the platform.

By registering as an agency on QSakan, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms and conditions.

Please make sure to review and adapt the terms and conditions to comply with any legal requirements specific to your jurisdiction. If you need further assistance or customization, feel free to ask.

User Terms & Conditions


​1.1 Welcome to QSakan, your gateway to the world of real estate exploration and engagement. In these User Terms & Conditions ("Terms"), references to "we," "our," or "us" pertain to QSakan, including its subsidiaries, employees, agents, affiliates, or assigned parties.

​1.2 By embarking on your journey through QSakan, you're emboldening a compact with us and adhering to these Terms and the Privacy Policy. Together, they form the "Terms." Furthermore, by traversing this platform, you recognize that you're bound by the laws relevant to your region. If you don't see eye to eye with these Terms, your alternative path is to gracefully step away from QSakan. Remember, the materials displayed here are under the protective aegis of copyright and trademark laws.

​1.3 As you traverse QSakan, you assert your eligibility, either being of legal age (eighteen years or older) or meeting the requisites stipulated by the laws of your dwelling country to engage with this platform.

​1.4 These Terms forge an effective bond between you and QSakan from the instant you embark on your journey with our services.


2.1 Amidst our virtual realms, a limited privilege awaits you to momentarily download materials (information, software) from QSakan. However, this privilege isn't a conferral of ownership; rather, it's a license. And within this license, you're enjoined not to:

modify or replicate the materials;

employ materials for commercial pursuits, whether for public eyes or not;

endeavor to reverse-engineer any software dwelling within QSakan;

excise copyright or proprietary insignias from the materials;

transmit materials to others or replicate them across alternative servers.

2.2 As you embark on your QSakan odyssey, you willingly commit not to:

invoke automated entities or software to scrape or index our treasure trove of content;

tamper with the operational rhythm of our realm through devices, software, or strategies;

distribute loads that place undue burdens on our infrastructure;

engage in unsanctioned use of content or data, such as erecting rivalrous databases;

disseminate spam, chain missives, or other sprawling missives;

utilize content or the platform in ways misaligned with its ordained purpose;

encroach upon intellectual property or proprietary rights of any soul;

masquerade as another entity or solicit sensitive information;

violate our precepts, guidelines, or the legal tapestry;

duplicate, transfigure, disseminate, or exploit our content without our direct authorization;

dispatch malicious entities like viruses or worms.

2.3 We, the guardians of QSakan, stand poised to employ whatever defenses we deem requisite to deter unauthorized ingress or pilferage of our dominion. A


3.1 As you step into the QSakan realm, keep in mind that we're not purveyors of real estate. We offer a space where agents can showcase their offerings, and you can explore property details ("Details") and more, all curated by us. The agents and other contributors are the architects of these Details, and they're the ones who interact with you directly. We keep our distance from these dialogues and transactions.

3.2 Details are proffered here in good faith but are the handiwork of agents and third parties, not us. It's your onus to embark on your fact-finding mission, as we don't don the mantle of guarantee for the accuracy or wholeness of any Detail.

3.3 Validation of Details rests on your shoulders.

3.4 Prior to diving into any commitment, it's incumbent on you to summon a surveyor and/or summon legal advice.

3.5 Integrity forms the cornerstone of your dealings with fellow voyagers in this realm.

3.6 As you navigate QSakan, your unwavering commitment to these Terms, as well as any supplemental stipulations specific to your QSakan voyage, is expected, including the revisions and amendments in Clause 8.


4.1 We bear no liability for any loss, including data loss or business interruption, triggered by your utilization or inability to utilize materials on QSakan, even if our authorized representatives are forewarned, either in writing or verbally, of the potential damage.

4.2 We are not answerable for any loss or damage stemming from:

software or internet glitches or unavailability, or other uncontrollable circumstances;

password or account loss due to system failure, power loss, or related computer vagaries;

usage or non-usage of QSakan;

reliance on displayed content or information;

direct, consequential, special, or punitive loss, damages, expenses;

profit erosion;

business decline;

reputation tarnishing;

goodwill drainage; or

data loss, corruption, or damage.

4.3 You commit not to use QSakan for commercial or business objectives unless we explicitly agree in writing.

4.4 We shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from viruses, distributed denial of service attacks, or other technological demons that may taint your digital equipment, software, data, or proprietary content due to your QSakan exploits or content downloads, or due to any linked website.

4.5 By inquiring about a property on QSakan, you concur that your particulars will be dispatched via email directly to the agent, estate agent, landlord, or property developer linked to the property or properties in question. Any subsequent discourse from these entities falls beyond our sphere of influence, and we stand indemnified from any ensuing correspondence.


5.1 Flaws, whether technical, typographical, or visual, might sometimes grace our digital realm. We're not infallible, and while we strive for accuracy, we don't warrant that all materials are error-free, comprehensive, or up to date. Adaptations to the content can occur without prior notice.


6.1 We're committed to upholding a seamless QSakan journey for you, but we can't pledge uninterrupted, glitch-free operations. At times, essential maintenance or upgrades may warrant temporary unavailability, though we'll aim to keep these instances as short as possible. Regrettably, we're not answerable for interruptions or service outages. Our power to modify, suspend, or cease any facet of QSakan, including your access, remains unquestioned.


7.1 QSakan might showcase links, hyperlinks, and pointers to products, services, and websites not under our umbrella. These third-party territories are beyond our grasp, and we don't vouch for or accept liability for them. Advertisements from third parties also make appearances, and we disassociate ourselves from any inaccuracies therein. Please note, a link or ad here doesn't translate to our endorsement. Furthermore, QSakan may feature data from third parties, and we're not liable for any inaccuracies in this treasure trove. You confirm that we're unshackled from any claims or disputes related to these third-party encounters.


8.1 We retain the authority to revamp these Site Terms at our discretion and without prior notice. By utilizing QSakan, you're committing to abide by these evolving Terms.


9.1 In these Site Terms, "Contributions" encompass various forms of information such as data, text, videos, images, audio, or other materials that we've authorized you to share, post, or upload on QSakan.

9.2 We hold the prerogative, sans liability to you, to remove, modify, or disable access to any or all of your Contributions in our sole judgment, without prior notice. We reserve the right to take such actions if we believe that:

Contributions breach applicable laws or regulations;

Contributions infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party;

a regulatory body or relevant authority mandates the takedown;

Contributions are:

misleading or deceptive;

inappropriate considering QSakan's purpose;

likely to offend;

materially incorrect;



unlawful or contrary to regional norms;

corrupted by viruses or disabling code.

9.3 In cases where your Contributions are subject to proprietary rights, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, transferable, and irrevocable license to:

use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, and publicly perform your Contributions across the world, irrespective of current existence or technological advances.

9.4 You further grant users of QSakan the right to use your submitted name, and you confirm that:

you own and control the rights to your Contributions; or

you possess the requisite licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to utilize and authorize us to exhibit your Contributions.

9.5 For Contributions with moral rights, you declare that:

you don't require any personally identifying information in connection with your Contribution or derivatives;

you recognize that browsing QSakan might expose you to Contributions from other users, and you comprehend that we neither control nor warrant the accuracy of these Contributions.

9.6 You assert and warrant that:

you possess the rights, including licenses, to authorize us to display your Contributions;

your Contributions don't infringe on third-party intellectual property rights; you agree to pay all due royalties, fees, or other obligations stemming from your Contributions.

you won't craft Contributions that are:




involve direct or indirect marketing;



unlawful or encourage unlawful activities;

inconsistent with QSakan's purpose.


10.1 Within the QSakan domain, contents such as texts, programs, products, designs, technology, and more, are subject to copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, or other forms of intellectual property. These are owned, controlled, or licensed by QSakan, our affiliates, or third parties who've licensed their materials to us. These treasures are guarded by applicable laws.

10.2 We, together with our licensors and suppliers, steadfastly uphold our intellectual property rights. The content, names, logos, and product/service designations you find here are either our trademarks or licensed to us. No license for these trademarks or service marks is conferred via the access to QSakan materials.

10.3 Accessing QSakan doesn't entitle anyone to employ any name, logo, or mark in any manner.


11.1 While traversing QSakan or communicating via emails, you're engaging with us electronically. By doing so, you consent to receive electronic communications related to your QSakan endeavors. We will communicate through emails or by posting notifications on QSakan. You concur that all agreements, notifications, disclosures, or other communications that reach you electronically meet the legal requirement of written communication. Notices we intend for you shall be deemed delivered and effective when sent to the email address you provide on QSakan.


12.1 You pledge to indemnify us and our affiliates, including our officers, agents, partners, and employees, against any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorney fees, emerging from your use of QSakan or your Contributions that do not conform to the Terms.


13.1 QSakan's offerings, presented here in their "as is" and "as available" guise, come without warranties, either explicit or implied. We disavow implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for specific purposes, or non-infringement. Moreover, we don't vouch for the accuracy, potential results, or dependability of the materials on QSakan or other linked sites.


14.1 In QSakan, real estate broker and developer clients may opt for our call tracking service. These calls may be recorded and tracked for purposes of training and service evaluation. By participating in these conversations, first you’ll be remanded and if you proceed you’re considered consented for that.


14.1 In QSakan, real estate broker and developer clients may opt for our call tracking service. These calls may be recorded and tracked for purposes of training and service evaluation. By participating in these conversations, you provide prior consent to such recording. We will remind you of our recording before each phone interaction.


15.1 These Terms and your interactions with QSakan are subject to and governed by the laws of the State of Qatar. You consent to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Qatar.

15.2 If any term within this Agreement becomes invalid or unenforceable, it won't affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.


16.1 Subscribers of QSakan are licensed real estate brokers, developers, and hotel apartment providers. Advertisers are contractually bound to list only properties available for sale or lease with the necessary authority and approvals. Properties listed on QSakan are expected to truthfully represent the property and the intended transaction. To report potentially fraudulent or misleading property listings, please contact us by email.

Feel free to tailor this text to match your branding voice and style. If you require further assistance or have more specific requests, feel free to ask!

*Agencies Terms and Conditions *


1.1. Affiliate: Refers to any entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or shares control with the subject entity, where "control" signifies ownership or control of over 50% of voting interests.

1.2. Authorized User: Denotes employees of the Client, duly authorized by the Client, to utilize the Services as outlined within these Master Terms.

1.3. Content: Encompasses information accessible through the Services, beta services, or pursuant to an Order Form, obtained from publicly available sources or third-party content providers.

1.4. Contract: Comprises the Order Form, these Master Terms, and the Data Protection Agreement (DPA).

1.5. Data: Refers to electronic data and information submitted by you, excluding content and non-QSakan Expert applications.

1.6. Data Protection Agreement (DPA): Signifies the document integral to these Master Terms as per Clause 13.2, accessible through the provided link.

1.7. Malicious Code: Encompasses harmful agents such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, as outlined within these Master Terms.

1.8. Order Form: Designates the document, either physical or digital, detailing the Services to be provided under QSakan Expert, and entered into between you and us.

1.9. Services: Encompass all services related to QSakan Expert, made accessible online to Users based on confirmed Order Forms, relevant to the country of transaction.

1.10. Start Date: Refers to the date specified in the Order Form marking the initiation of the Contract.

1.11. Term: Denotes the duration as outlined in clause 11.1(b) within these Master Terms.

1.12. User: Signifies an individual authorized to use a Service, such as an owner, operator, or authorized employee/individual of a subscribed user, subject to these Master Terms.


2.1. Acceptance: By electronically signing the Order Form or executing a hard copy, you acknowledge understanding and agreement with the terms of the Contract.

2.2. Authorization: If representing a company or legal entity, you warrant the authority to enter into the Contract on their behalf.

2.3. Parties: The Contract pertains to us and you, excluding affiliated companies or legal entities, which require separate Contracts.

2.4. Conflict Resolution: In instances of conflict between these Master Terms and the Order Form, these Master Terms shall take precedence.


3.1. Subscriptions: Services and access to Content operate on a subscription basis per user, as detailed in the Order Form, and signify your agreement with these Master Terms.

3.2. User IDs and Passwords: Usernames based on Order Form details are issued; safeguarding them is your responsibility. Activities linked to your usernames and passwords are your liability.


4.1. Our Obligations: We commit to providing the Services and Content in alignment with these Master Terms and applicable Order Forms, alongside PF Expert standard support. Reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure online Service availability, barring planned downtime or unforeseen circumstances.

4.2. Your Obligations: Adherence to these Master Terms and your Order Forms is required. You are accountable for the precision, quality, and legality of the Data you furnish. Legal means should be employed for Data acquisition, and compliance with the DPA is mandatory. Unauthorized account access must be prevented and promptly reported. Additionally, compliance with relevant laws and regulations is expected.


5.1. Service Fees: Fees for Services may be levied and are to be settled in full before activation. Costs are applicable from the Start Date or acceptance date of approved Order Forms.

5.2. Credit Card Payment: Activation follows the receipt of the first credit card payment.

5.3. Security Cheque: Monthly credit card payments necessitate a security cheque within 21 days; failure to provide leads to suspension.

5.4. Charge and Security Cheque: Successful credit card payments may result in encashing the security cheque, with any excess amount being refunded.

5.5. Late Payment: Unpaid amounts may accumulate 1% interest per month.

5.6. Bounced Cheque: A bounced cheque attracts administrative fees and additional charges.

5.7. Fees Overview: Service fees are detailed in the Order Form, with the option to modify the package, subject to our discretion.

5.8. No Contingency: Fees are for the Services and Content "as is," regardless of future enhancements.

5.9. VAT: VAT may be included in invoices as required by law, with the associated liability resting with you.

5.10. Access Suspension: Suspension of access does not absolve you of fee obligations.

5.11. Termination: In the event of termination, fees remain due up to the termination date.

5.12. Amendment: Amendments to Order Form terms are permissible prior to renewal, subject to existing Contracts.

5.13. Fee Amendment Notice: Written notification is provided for fee-related amendments, and they apply to renewed Contracts.


6.1. Rights Reserved: We retain rights to Services and Content, except those explicitly granted.

6.2. Access and Use: You hold a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access and utilize Services and Content in accordance with Order Forms and these Master Terms. Intellectual property rights remain vested with us, and your rights are limited and non-exclusive.

6.3. Data Hosting License: A limited-term, royalty-free license is granted to host and transmit Data as necessary to offer Services.

6.4. Data License: An irrevocable, royalty-free license to Data is granted on a worldwide scale, excluding Personal Data regulated by the DPA.

6.5. Feedback License: A perpetual, royalty-free license is granted for the incorporation of feedback on a global scale


7.1. Age Restriction: Services are not accessible to individuals under 18 or those ineligible to enter into contracts under applicable laws.


8.1. Your Representation: Your confirmation of valid entry into these Master Terms is expected.

8.2. Disclaimers: Except where expressly provided, we do not offer warranties and disclaim implied warranties to the extent permitted by law. Content and beta services are provided "as is," and we bear no responsibility for third-party hosting, viruses, or related issues.


9.1. Your Indemnification: You agree to defend us against claims arising from your Data's infringement on third-party rights, misuse of Services, or violations of these Master Terms. You are liable for awarded damages and associated costs.


10.1. Liability Limitation: Our cumulative liability is confined to fees paid in the twelve months preceding the incident giving rise to liability. We are not accountable for indirect or special damages, and this limitation does not affect your payment obligations.


11.1. Term and Termination: These Master Terms commence upon usage or acceptance and persist until subscriptions expire or are terminated. Automatic renewals are contingent on Contract type. Termination by us is possible for various reasons, with prior notice. In case of termination, you remain liable for incurred costs.


12.1. Notice Delivery: Notices are effectively conveyed through personal delivery, signed mail, or electronic communication.


13.1. DPA Incorporation: The DPA is integral to these Master Terms and holds precedence in case of inconsistencies.

13.2. Entire Agreement: These Master Terms, Order Forms, and the DPA collectively constitute the agreement, superseding all prior agreements.

13.3. Amendment: We retain the right to modify Master Terms with prior notice, and continued usage post-change implies acceptance.

13.4. Assignment: Service or obligation assignment requires our consent.

13.5. Independent Contractors: The parties act as independent contractors, with no partnership or employment relationship.

13.6. No Third-Party Beneficiaries: Third-party beneficiaries are not entitled under these Master Terms.

13.7. Waiver: Non-enforcement of a provision does not preclude subsequent enforcement.

13.8. Severability: If a provision is deemed invalid, others remain unaffected.

13.9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These Master Terms are governed by DIFC laws, and you submit to the jurisdiction of DIFC courts.

This completes the rewrite of the QSakan Expert Master Terms and Conditions with a different structure, wording, and style while preserving the original meaning and ideas